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For all your parties, team-events, launches and promotions!

What We Do

The party never stops!

Parties (Children / Adults)

We provide: Bouncy Castles, Clowns, Trampolines, Water Pools, Foam machines, Puppet shows, Disneyland mascots, Candy floss, Face & Henna painting, Decorative balloons, Confetti machines, Popcorn machines, Party games, Music, PA systems, and Decorative lighting

Roadshows / Promotions

For your launches and promotions, we are experienced in presenting brand awareness and publicity events. We have good equipment such as strobes and spotlights for video shoots and commercials; and roadshow trucks, vans, buses and trailers to deploy in your brand campaigns.

Team Building

Building strong teams at work brings out the best in employees, and enhances self development, positive communication, leadership traits and the ability to work well together to solve problems. We design cohesive games and challenges to boost and strengthen team spirit.


See some of our work and play.

Family Fun

bonding activities


outdoor exhibitions

Team Work


Physical Fun

useful exercises

Party Fun

water games

Kiddie Fun

bouncy sports

Kiddie Competitions

team sports

Birthday Parties

special occasions

Outdoor Excursions

team trips

Team Competitions

team building

Fun Equipment

supplies and services

Evening Events

night functions

Scenic Lights

theme lighting

Foam Parties

foam machines

Confetti Fun

confetti machines

Decorative Lights

decor lighting

Popcorn Fun

Popcorn machines

Clowns and Mascots

costume parties

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